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Hi! I'm Nellie! Nellie with an IE not a Y. I don't know how to rap but I can sing along to a good Nelly song. I'm currently based in Bucks County, PA. Don't let my location stop you from reaching out, I love to travel!
I've lived in PA most of my life with a small switch to Southern California years ago. I've been shooting weddings since 2011 but learned my way around a camera when I was younger. I learned on an old film camera and even used to develop my own prints! Think Stranger Things, in the room with a red light.
When I'm not off on a shoot you might find me catching fireflies with my two amazing kids. Or snuggling on the couch in front of a warm fire for a Harry Potter Movie night. I love sharing a good margarita with my husband, or spending hours working on our yard. I love the stars and moon and am perfecting my astrophotography. You might even find me running an ultra trail marathon. Moonlighting as a bartender and crafting the perfect drink. I have a love for cars, specifically German ones!
I fully believe in being kind to others and if we make eye contact, you'll get a smile from me. Doesn't matter if you're an old friend, new friend, or complete stranger. I was taught as a little girl that all people are equal and that kindness matters. Whoever you are is beautiful and I'd love that beauty to show through your photos.

I love Love. Cliche right?

I'm sure you've heard that from a million photographers. But I do. I love Love in all its forms and manifestations.




Working with Nellie was by far one of my favorite parts of the entire wedding experience. Not only was she one of the most organized, responsive, and flexible vendors on my team, but was also the calming undercurrent behind a slightly hectic day. As someone who works in the wedding industry (event florist), I can say with certainty that she is among the best in terms of talent and professionalism.

In the months leading up to the wedding, I received a thoughtful and well constructed questionnaire that asked all the right questions. The thoroughness of the questionnaire was impressive, without being overwhelming or difficult to complete. From this, she constructed a perfect timeline for the day, but was still open and amendable to adjustments and tweaks based on our needs without ego and only professional guidance.

When the day of the wedding arrived and the rain never stopped, I worried for a brief moment that our photos were doomed, hair and make up was irreparable, and the day was wasted- until Nellie began working her magic and put all of my worries to rest. Both she and her lovely assistant took charge, collected umbrellas, issued instructions, and kept the day moving, despite the torrential downpour. She was a cool and collected champ, and showed no signs of disturbance over the damp, rainy conditions. Her happy eyes and positive reassurance snapped me right out of stressville- she literally saved the day.

We had to have Nellie as our photographer because of her energy, warmth, and stunning photos- and cannot thank her enough for being a part of the most special day of our lives. Amazing photos to come!!!



Booking a photographer was difficult for my husband and I because we wanted to find someone who we would feel comfortable inviting into the most intimate moments of our wedding day. We could not be happier that we chose Nellie! She took the time to understand not only what we wanted from our photographer but also what family dynamics were important to keep in mind as the day progressed (my husband's parents had a nasty divorce). Beyond preparing for and exceeding our expectations on the big day, when we received our prints, we were thrilled to relive the moments through her artistic eye. If Nellie is available for your wedding day, there should be no question - book her!



On a day jam packed with memories you want to save forever, Nellie is an expert at making sure every moment is captured perfectly and candidly. Her work was above and beyond everything my husband and I could've hoped for. We had a New Years Eve Wedding which isn't the easiest to navigate through for photo ops in Philadelphia, but she put in extra hours the week of our big day and scouted out the areas near our venue and church to capture the perfect shots while not wasting the day stuck in traffic. Our photos bring a tear to my eye whenever we view them because it truly captures the love that filled our special day. We also had a marathon day as our party went on well past midnight given it was a holiday, and not once did Nellie let up with her photos and making sure everything was captured from start to finish. Nellie tailored her services to fit our budget perfectly, and the finished product greatly exceeded our expectations. We would highly recommend Nellie to all brides and grooms as she puts you at ease on such a big day and provides you with memories that last a lifetime.


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